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Carol Lynne - Contemporary Romance Cafe feature

I'm sure there are a lot of women out there who fell in love with the gritty outlaws in Sons of Anarchy. I happen to be one of them. I took my passion for the series to Amazon and started devouring all the biker books I could find. 

Carole Lynne - Because Two Men are Better Than One feature

My newest release, It Was a Thursday, deals with the aftermath of a school shooting. I’ve been sitting on this story idea for about five years. Four years ago, I decided to write the story that continued to sneak its way into my dreams.

Unconventional in San Diego spotlight

Pride Publishing talks to the authors featured in the Gay Rom Lit anthology this year, Unconventional in San Diego.

Carol Lynne - Fresh Fiction feature

Even before Tig fell in love with Venus on Sons of Anarchy, I wondered how it would feel to be a gay man in the Alpha world of motorcycle clubs. So, with that in mind, I wrote a love story for such a man. Solo is used to sneaking around to fulfil his body’s desire for other men.

Carol Lynne - Special Editions author for July

Pride Publishing talks to Carol Lynne about her Special Editions of the popular Good-Time Boys series.

Carol Lynne - Pride Publishing blog post

Hi I'm Carol Lynne, and I am Pride Publishing's featured author for July!

With the recent news of the Bonnier Group buying Totally Entwined, I decided to take a look back at my years with the extraordinary people of Totally Bound publishing.

Carol Lynne - Rainbow Book Reviews featured author

Has it been everything you thought it would be or not?
Writing has changed my life. Not only am I lucky enough to write for a living, but I have so many incredible people in my life that I would have never met without getting into this business.

Carol Lynne - BTSe feature

Welcome to Lobster Cove has been featured in this month's BTSe Mag!

Carol Lynne - Author Spotlight feature

What can we expect from the new Lobster Cove series? 

I have a page of interesting characters to introduce, and I’m so excited to write their stories. There will be a mix of gay, bi-sexual and transgender residents in Lobster Cove, and I plan to write them all happily-ever-afters.

Carol Lynne - Divine Magazine featured author for May

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m the mother of two teenage girls. I started writing to escape a bad marriage because I knew I was the only one who could pull myself out of the pit I found myself in. I’m happy to say it was the best thing for myself and my girls.

Carol Lynne - Love Romance Cafe Award Winner

Cowboy Pride has won Best Book of 2014!

Carol Lynne - LR Café Best of 2014 Awards Nominee

Cowboy Pride has been nominated for Best Book of 2014!

Carol and Bailey talk Cowboys

What is it about cowboys?

Bailey: Everything! Lol, well it’s what we’re shown in movies, books, and magazines with cowboys being the heroes and good guys, the strong, silent, and badass sexy types.

Carol: I believe it’s more than what they wear, although, yum. For me, a peace seems to radiate from them. A confidence in themselves and the jobs they perform in a loving and caring way despite the weather. Okay, maybe it’s a combination of both. The spirit of a cowboy warms my heart, but it’s those well-fitted jeans, button-snap shirts and cowboy hats that fuel my fantasies.

Carol Lynne - Cara Sutra feature

When I quit my job to stay home with my daughter, I started reading romances. The day I discovered erotic romance was a real eye opener for me. I picked up a copy of Irish Devil by Diane Whiteside and nearly fell over because I knew it was the kind of book I’d been searching for. The love was there, the relationship built beautifully and the characters didn’t slam the door in my face when they entered the bedroom. I devoured as many erotic romances as I could get my hands on for the next several years. My attention then swung to ménage stories.

Carol Lynne - MM Romance Goodreads Reader's Choice Awards Nominee 2014

The Brick Yard has been nominated for Best Book of the Year.

Carol Lynne - Windy City Times feature

"Looking at love through the male-male perspective, for me, it's making me heal. I think a lot of women are kind of the same. We've just been burned," said Lynne. "And when you read a male-male book you don't have to put yourself in that book, because you have no chance with these men. So you can just truly enjoy the love and their relationship."

As a divorced woman and single mother, Lynne writes full time—working through her past hardships through her characters. Lynne has been criticized for writing "insta-love" books in which the characters fall in love in the very beginning of the story.

Carol Lynne - Huffington Post feature

I've been a published author for almost eight years, so when I was asked to write a story to launch the What's His Passion? line at Totally Bound, I assumed the process would be the same as the other 150+ books that I've written. I couldn't have been more wrong.

Carol Lynne- USA Today feature

Three of my favorite fellow romance authors:

This is an easy one for me.

• Diana Palmer because through her books I learned to love romance. I love that her heroes are flawed and her women aren't always gorgeous.

Carol Lynne - Exclusive Author Feature

Where did the idea for The Brick Yard come from?

Originally, I knew I wanted to write a story about a Mixed Martial Arts fighter. While creating the character of Lucky I knew he needed a past. That backstory led me to the realization that Lucky would need a safe place. That one spot in the world where he could flourish as a fighter and a man. Thus, The Brick Yard. At first, I thought of the gym as a location, but as I continued to write the story, I discovered The Brick Yard had become as much a character in the story as the main heroes. Until that point, I didn’t have a title for the book, but once I realized how important the gym was to the people who lived and trained in it, the title became quite clear.

Carol Lynne BTS emagazine feature

BTS emagazine has featured The Brick Yard in their feature Sneak Peak section.

The Brick Yard Book Trailer

Carol Lynne - ARe Post

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with secondary characters. I think it’s because I love writing them so much. I swear I could write book after book with only secondary characters and remain quite content. Alas, someone always manages to push their way through the crowd, screaming, “Pick me. It’s my turn to fall in love.”

Carol Lynne- Three Things for USA Today

Three books on my keeper shelves:

• Tigers & Devils by Sean Kennedy. A true gay romance. This is, in my opinion, the best book for readers who are delving into gay romances for the first time. The love story is real and breathtaking without the descriptive sex scenes. So, yes, the perfect gateway for curious traditional romance readers.

Carol Lynne - Interview for Alrik

This is book one in the C-7 Shifters series, so what can you tell us about this series of books?


I love the process of building a world where shifters are living alongside humans. I knew going in that I wanted to come up with a species of shifter that could shift into any living thing, so I came up with Chameleon shifters. They aren’t the cute, colorful lizards, well, unless they want to be. They are a unique species who can blend into whatever background needed to perform their jobs as security specialists. The Chameleon shifters are rare, even in a world where shifters of all species roam. Shunned by other shifters, the Chameleons have banded together to form a makeshift family. Readers can expect love, danger and sex with each story…


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