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Aurelia T. Evans - BTSeMag blog

This winter, I’m writing about vampires.

There’s no particular reason for this trend. I like vampires, sure. I have two novellas, one short story, and a serial to that effect. But quite unconnected to any planning on my part, I’ve found myself in the vampire section of all my series. Each series has horror and supernatural elements, but most extend well beyond the traditional.

It’s sheer coincidence, maybe serendipity, and one I’m enjoying at the moment.

Aurelia T. Evans - Cara Sutra feature

Some people prefer leaving certain intimate things to the imagination, but I’ve always liked knowing what happened behind the curtains, and my erotica journey has taken me behind many.

Aurelia T. Evans - BTSe Mag feature

I’ve known all my life that I wanted to be a writer. But I don’t think it hit me what that meant or how much I need to do it until last year, when I got the opportunity to write fulltime for about eight months straight.

Aurelia T. Evans - Editor's Choice

Carousel has been chosen as Editor's Choice!

Wild After Dark exclusive feature

Totally Bound speaks exclusively to Helena Maeve, Elizabeth Coldwell, Wendi Zwaduk, Aurelia T. Evans, Nan Comargue and Lucy Felthouse about Wild After Dark, our new MFM anthology featuring vampires, werewolves and the paranormal.

Aurelia T. Evans - Author Spotlight

What can we expect from the Arcanium series? 

I’ve had elements of horror in many of my stories thus far, but writing the circus Arcanium was my permission to stop flirting with horror and instead embrace it. 

Aurelia T. Evans - Interview about Fortune with Jennifer Wright

What is your favorite thing about writing?

I suppose I share a desire with many writers to leave the real world behind and make one that isn’t necessarily better, but definitely in my control. Real life is so often out of my hands. 

Aurelia T. Evans - USA Today feature

Three of my favorite desserts?

That's a hard one — I have such a sweet tooth, and since I'm far more motivated to bake than cook, I have a whole handful of desserts I enjoy, and an even bigger handful of ones I want to try in the future.

Aurelia T. Evans - ARe Cafe post

It’s been a preoccupation of mine lately, wondering what it is that makes a Dom/me or a submissive.

For instance, while I think I’d enjoy a submissive scene with the right person, I have definite Dominant tendencies too, and I suspect it’s because I have so little control or opportunities to dominate in my real life.

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