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Marie Harte - BTSe Mag feature

I thought I’d take the opportunity to share how my writing process works from start to finish. I’m always fascinated to see what works for other people. So here’s my method:

I write on request unless I’m writing something for myself. So typically I have the characters, plot and conflicts already drawn up in a short synopsis. Once my publisher contracts the book, I write it. But for this post, let’s pretend I haven’t got the faintest idea who’s going to publish the work.

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Reviews (23)

This book is packed full of adventure while they all search for the evil that plagues them. It is so much fun to see what Jericho, Seino, and Anya get up too...I really believe that Marie Harte ...

This book is full of mistrust, longing, confusion, love, except acne, and of course there has always got to be evil.

In my opinion this is a book about taking everything you was taught...

Marie Harte continues to dazzle with her steamy scenes and entertaining storylines. Do not miss this fourth book in the series. So good.

I usually am not into m/m stories or scenes but this book has changed my mind. It was so hot and the story flowed nicely that I am looking forward to reading more from this author in this genre.

Marie Harte's Creation series keeps getting better and better....I could feel their emotions pouring off the pages. If you enjoy futuristic gay stories with great fighting scenes, then you ...

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