Amber Malloy

Amber Malloy dreamed of being a double agent but couldn't pass the psyche evaluation. Crushed by despair that she couldn't legally shoot things, Amber pursued her second career choice as pastry chef. When she's not writing or whipping up a mean Snickers Cheesecake, she occasionally spies on her sommelier. Amber is convinced he's faking his French accent.

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Amber Malloy - Female First feature

What male secret squirrel comes to mind, when thinking about real life spies? Ian Flemings' James Bond most likely is the first one to pop up. A fictional character created from the real-life exploits of Sidney Reilly. Male fictional spies are easy, male real-life spies are harder-oh, and Paul Revere doesn't count. Now, flip the scenario for women. I honestly draw a blank for the fictional, but in real life the list is long. 

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