Madison Night

Madison Night has fiddled with the written word for years—be it in song, story, or poem. A high school creative writing class piqued her interest in storytelling, and she’s been writing ever since.

Madison’s works have always included a romantic element, but recently she’s found her niche in the world of hot, steamy, sensual erotic romance. Some have called her stories romantic mysteries, others call them real life sex on a page, and still others call them everything in between. To her, though, writing was simply a chance to pour heart and soul into words, bringing life to the not-so-innocent thoughts in her head, and getting the heart pumping a wee bit faster in the process.

A devoted mother of one human child and two fuzzy puppy children, Madison currently resides in Toronto, Ontario. In her spare time she sings and writes music, dabbles with interior decorating, and has a blast chasing her son around the house.

You can take a look at Madison's website here. You can also follow Madison on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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