E.G. Wiser

E.G. Wiser writes erotic romance squarely in the neo-pulp tradition with heroines—and the occasional hero—that are sexy, proudly feminist, and as quick with the wit as they are with a gun. It is a universe where flying saucers are real, other dimensions exist and hard-boiled detectives are really hard. 

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E.G. Wiser - Romancing the Book feature

Jen: Today we welcome E.G. Wiser to Romancing the Book. E.G., will you share a short bio with us?
E.G.: I have been a published writer and novelist since some time in the last century, but have only recently begun writing under the pseudonym E.G. Wiser. Closest Encounter is my first of what I anticipate to be many works under that name. Changing identity has completely revitalized me as a writer.

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