E.J. Sutter

E.J Sutter hails from the North West of the UK, specifically Liverpool. She currently lives in the wilds of Lancashire with two cats and two extremely stupid dogs. She has been scribbling ever since she was a child when, at the tender age of 7, she had a poem published in a local anthology. This led to a life long hatred of poetry, as she was then expected to be able to write it! In fact, she wrote the poem in about five minutes, as she'd wasted the whole of the lesson talking, and wasn't allowed out at playtime until she'd finished it.

Stories, however, have been tumbling out of her brain for as long as she can remember, but she's only just got around to putting them down on her laptop.

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E.J. Sutter - Interview for A Brewing Storm

What is your writing process?


To be honest, I was stuck in a holiday cottage in the snowy Highlands of Scotland one January, with no Internet or phone signal. I just sat at the laptop and started typing. I guess I’m dangerous when I’m bored. I can’t afford distractions, and need complete quiet, or my mind drifts. If I listen to music, I tend to find I’m typing the lyrics of the song I’m listening to before I know it…


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Reviews (1)

I read RJ Scott's review and thought that sounds like something I'd love to read, and boy did I ever!! 5 stars, and a huge shout out to RJ for her review!! The story is set in today's world ...

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