Billi Jean

Billi Jean was born in California but didn't stay put for long. She's lived in New York, Indiana, Missouri, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts and Vermont. She's lived in and worked from ranches to beach-side coffee shops to the woods in western Massachusetts. Now living and working in China, she continues to write for Totally Bound Publishing.

Billi Jean has been writing since high school when she couldn't wait for Robert Jordon to write his Wheel of Time series faster. As an adult, she still finds herself drawn to fantasy-adventure stories, but with an erotic romance flair. Her books are extremely hot, with a focus on strong characters that are shoved into fast-paced adventures. Her unique style of incredible journeys infused with hot passion leave her fans hoping for more.

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Billi Jean - ARe Cafe spotlight for A Sisterhood of Jade series

Billi says: The Sisterhood of Jade stories introduce a world filled with immortals living side by side with mortals, but undiscovered – at least in the beginning.

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Billi Jean - BTSe Mag feature

I write erotic romance. It’s interesting for me to say that, especially when asked face to face, and not over the internet. I’m confident you can just imagine what people’s reactions are, or more specifically what men versus women’s reactions are….but that’s not what has got my feminine wheels turning.

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