Sue Holston

Sue Holston is the writing team of Holly and Sue, who have been friends for more than a decade.

Holly has been reading romance novels since sixth grade. She always wanted to write one and now after finishing her second graduate degree, she's finally gotten the chance. In between writing and working, she volunteers for a local dog rescue and tries very hard to say no when asked if she could foster just "one more dog!"

Sue is an an ex-patriot Brit who lives in Vancouver BC. She has a cat and a compulsion to write. The rest is subject to change without notice.

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Reviews (2)

This is a well written story, and the first story I've read by this writing pair. I think they pulled off the unrequited love bit quite well. It is definitely a situation that can take over...

The well-known theme of 'best friends become lovers' comes to fresh life in the heart wrenching and hot story of two police detectives who have been best friends forever.

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