Sara York

Sara York lives in the southern United States with her family and dogs. Sara loves romance that takes you to distant worlds where you could be a princess or a warrior. She enjoys reading about far away places, but writing is her passion. Her favourite vacation would be to spend the day at the beach while reading or writing a good book.

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Sara York - ARe Cafe feature

Recently, we moved from Texas to the east coast. In the process of moving we gathered up our whole life and stuff it into boxes, getting rid of the excess and keeping what was important. There were boxes and boxes we took with us, but also loads of furniture and household items we knew wouldn’t fit into our much smaller house. During the two-day drive to our new digs, we stopped at a bunch of places, some rather out of the way places since we ditched the highway halfway through our trip and drove through the back roads of the southern part of the USA. It was fun and entertaining stopping at small stores and finding cute little trinkets from the area.

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LE Franks - ARe Cafe feature

If you stand here—in the spot where the purple jagged outline of the Sierras breaks the horizon at your back, where the wind blown desert scape of the Mojave seemingly stretches endlessly in front of you…(though if you were intrepid in your exploration and continued on past the the mineral rich dry lake beds, you’d eventually stumble upon Death Valley)…if you stay the impulse to launch yourself into this dusty infinity, and pause to look around—you’ll discover landlocked in the middle is the Navy base where I grew up.

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Even though it’s a short story, My Marine has the intensity of a full length novel. Captain Sean Kelley is on tour in Afghanistan and meets a young translator named Akim. Akim sits in on high ...

Anomaly: 5 Stars I love the mix of geek and macho, and that it's  not too mushy. I love how humble they both are. 

Always Ready: 4 Stars Dean is such a sweetie and ...

Overall these are an awesome story of bravery and sacrifice. The stories range from sweet to angsty. There is a bit of something for every taste.

So to wrap it up if you love military ...

When I picked this one up, I figured it would include a bunch of stories following the usual military tropes. There would be tons of alpha males and military jargon. There was some of that, but I a...
Semper Fidelis is an impressive collection of enjoyable stories illustrating that, regardless of a person’s sexuality, honor, bravery and a strong sense of duty are the only activities that ...