Ayla Ruse

Handed a historical romance at the age of twelve, Ayla Ruse fell in love with love and with happy endings. Having grown up living life tasting a little of this and a little of that has not changed this attitude, but it's expanded her views. Love isn't always happy and it isn't always the way a person ?thinks it should be.? Sometimes it's outside the box, and it's always a challenge.

The challenge of finding and holding onto this love is what drives Ayla in her fiction. She likes stories that strip love ? among other things - down to the skin and tests the attachment and beliefs of the participants. Sometimes that test can come in the form of multiple partners, overcoming a desperate fear or even being sexually inventive.

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Ayla Ruse - Interview for Raspberries and Wine

Why is this the perfect post Valentine’s Day read?


Valentine’s celebrates love. Any romance is fitting for Valentine’s Day, but Raspberries and Wine is special because it’s about a woman who doesn’t think she’s worthy of love. It’s about a woman who is afraid and unsure, despite the strong front she shows the world. It’s about taking chances and listening to your heart, even when your head tells you something completely different. It’s about trusting yourself and believing in your partner, and developing that love that will last into happily ever after.


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Ayla Ruse - Interview for Five Courses

What made you fall in love with historical romance so young?


I have always been an avid reader and in my pre-teens, I loved to read a popular historical romance series for young girls. I think the series was called Sunfire, where each title was the name of the heroine. My future sister-in-law, seeing what held my interest, passed along a couple of her “adult” historical romances. With regret, I don’t remember the title of the first one I read, but I do know that I instantly became hooked.


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