Genella DeGrey

Born and reared in Southern California, Genella DeGrey longed to be your typical blonde, tanned, surfer girl but failed miserably. Unable to sit idle without falling asleep, she embarked upon several artistic endeavours. Make-up and set dressing for the entertainment industry, Resort Enhancement for The Walt Disney Company and writing sexy historical romance top the list of her favourite activities. A consummate closet goth and amateur music and (red) wine enthusiast, she is also a hopeless romantic awaiting the arrival of her very own Mr Romance/Soul Mate with whom to share the rest of her life.

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Genella deGrey - BTSe Mag feature

There isn’t anything much worse than a person who calls themselves an authority on something they haven’t even lived through, wouldn’t you agree?

* An amputee councillor who‘s never lost a limb

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Watch ‘The Chaperone’ trailer! 😱💘😱💘😱 My kind of story!! ✨🥂✨
 Tweeted 07/02/2019 17:47
@outlandercostume You’ve done amazing work ~ Wishing you all the best :)
 Tweeted 19/07/2018 17:17
Have you heard of ‘Sanditon,’ written by Jane Austen, just months before her death in 1817? It’s the story of Char…
 Tweeted 10/07/2018 16:59
My fave 7/4 celeb tweets you all should check out: @HamillHimself @TheEllenShow @RealRonHoward @edgarwright…
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Loved the headline: ‘The Summer of Josh Brolin’ ~ Admired him from way back in the ‘Young Riders’ days 🤠 @_realjoshbrolin
 Tweeted 03/07/2018 00:16

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