Evelyn Mahony

Evelyn has been writing since middle school, constantly getting lost in creating a whole other world (usually loosely based on a fandom of some kind) and falling in love with those characters. An avid reader, she never leaves home without a well-worn book and a notepad for thoughts. She writes almost entirely on her phone, because it’s small and easy to pull out at a moment’s notice, when the idea for a scene hits. As the wife of a busy husband and as the mother of a young daughter, two big dogs, and a horse, there’s not always designated writing time. Writing is her passion and whenever she finds a window of free time, that’s what she’s doing!

Check out Evelyn's website and follow her on Instagram.

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It’s available for preorder 🎉
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Young Blood | Tom & Rachel via @YouTube @cathycathxx 💛💛💛
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I could really use an “Against All Odds” remake with @ChrisEvans as @TheJeffBridges character, Terry.
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