Scarlet Blackwell

Scarlet likes cats and hats and firmly believes that the only thing better than one attractive man is two attractive men.

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Scarlet Blackwell - Divine Magazine Spotlight

Scarlet likes cats and hats and firmly believes that the only thing better than one attractive man is two attractive men.

She writes m/m and m/f romance and has been known to dabble in horror and saucier side-projects (Amber March).

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Scarlet Blackwell - Rainbow Book Reviews feature

Let's start with you telling us a little bit about yourself, Scarlet.
I have been a writer for many years and my first M/M stories were published in 2009. I don’t write full time but still dream of doing so.

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Reviews (44)

Whew… While this story was very well written and I loved the play between all of the characters… I have to say this was HOT.
The hilarity of the neighbors and their forwardness was a ...

The connection between Simon and Damon is erotically sizzling but it is laced with so manytears and such fear that it was hard to continue reading this at times. Unexpectedly, an angel in disguise ...
Scarlet creates two wonderful main characters, one human, and one manbot, and letsthem interact in a world full of prejudice and assumptions that robots cannot now, nor ever, develop feelings. Thus...
If you are looking for an emotionally and physically intense read, Nine One One is a great choice!

I really loved this book. It was interesting easy to follow, thought provoking. The story kept you on the edge of your seat for the romantic tension between Kavan and Gray and the events th...

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Third in the Frozen series set in Alaska #mmromance #GayRomance Enemies to lovers trope and hot cops (my favourite…
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One of my favourite books. Enemies-to-lovers, murder and hot cops 🔥🔥🔥 #mmromance #LGBTQ Available on Amazon in Fre…
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