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By AKM Miles

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Grant and Jamie are back and you'd think life would be great now, but somebody is after them again.

It's a year later and things should be wonderful. But someone seems to have it in for Grant and Jamie again.

How far will this person go to harm them? Small pranks that they, at first are able to explain away, turn into dangerous events that leave them once again terrorised. It can't be him, can it? But he's still in prison, isn't he? The love between Grant and Jamie is strong and has them ready to do serious damage to whoever is threatening their happiness and their very lives. Enough is enough. Frankly, they're tired of living in fear. They're looking for a way to stop this madness. They're going to find it.

Reader Advisory: This book contains M/M sex and intimacy. It is connected to the book Love, Jamie and best read in sequence.

General Release Date: 17th May 2010

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ISBN: 978-0-85715-072-1
Word Count: 64,236
Language: English
Book Length: NOVEL
Pages: 162

About the author
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AKM Miles

AKM Miles loves reading the M/M genre and decided to write what she loves. Early authors, read years ago in this area, were not as much interested in love, storyline, and character development, as those that she has found recently. Thrilled with the new works, AKM set out to make a career in this field. You can expect there to be a happy ending every time. You can expect for the two to find each other and choose to be together fairly early on, and then face conflicts, trials, and experiences as a couple. AKM prefers that over going back and forth over whether the love is returned or not. She loves to throw children in the mix, along with pets and wacky and wonderful friends. Hopefully, readers will love the emotional love stories that fill her head and spill onto her computer.

You can also find AKM at her blog

Reviews (3)
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  Reviewed by Fallen Angels Reviews

Love, Grant is quite possibly my favorite so far of all author AKM Miles' books...hat I could become engrossed in the tale despite knowing the antagonist is a tribute to the storytelling skills of Ms....

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  Reviewed by Literary Nymphs

The talented AKM Miles has created another exciting romance interwoven with sensual love scenes, suspense plus an eternal end for their devious psycho enemy. I enjoyed this story immensely.

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