For the Love of Kink PRINT

By M.C. Roth

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The King of Kink has forgotten how to play.

Clint has watched his kinky friends find their matches for years, but as the local king of kink, Clint has forgotten how to play. The fire that left him with scars and took away the love of his life also turned one of his former pleasures into a nightmare that haunts him nearly every night.

But Scotland has been trying to get Clint’s attention for months, longing for a man who couldn’t be more emotionally unavailable. When one of Clint’s closest friends, Maddy, sets up a wax-play scene, Clint snaps at the sight of candles in his home and workplace.

Clint is given two choices—take an extended vacation to finally give himself time to grieve, or risk losing Unkinked and his friends.

The vacation is the easy choice, until Clint finds himself stuck at a cabin owned by the very man he’s been avoiding for months.


Reader advisory: This book features scenes of consensual non-consent and fire and ice play.

General Release Date: 16th April 2024

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ISBN: 978-1-80250-760-7
Word Count: 66,175
Language: English
Book Length: NOVEL
Pages: 265

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M.C. Roth

M.C. Roth lives in Canada and loves every season, even the dreaded Canadian winter. She graduated with honours from the Associate Diploma Program in Veterinary Technology at the University of Guelph before choosing a different career path.

Between caring for her young son, spending time with her husband, and feeding treats to her menagerie of animals, she still spends every spare second devoted to her passion for writing.

She loves growing peppers that are hot enough to make grown men cry, but she doesn’t like spicy food herself. Her favourite thing, other than writing of course, is to find a quiet place in the wilderness and listen to the birds while dreaming about the gorgeous men in her head. 

Find out more about M.C. Roth at her website.

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