Willow Winsham

Willow Winsham is a published historian and author who spends her time delving into the tantalising world of witchcraft history; combining a passion for research and history with a love of storytelling, she dedicates her time to exploring some of the most intriguing stories from the history of the British Isles. 

When she isn't digging out tantalising historical titbits or tracing elusive family members, Willow is busy crocheting enormous blankets and home educating her children.

You can follow Willow on Twitter and take a look at her Blog.

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Reviews (4)

Together [these characters] go on amazing journey with deceit, betrayal, danger, action and drama... It was entertaining and enjoyable to the very end. Great read.

The characters seemed to come alive and piqued my interest... It was entertaining and enjoyable to the very end. Great read.

[There is] strong action, excellent characters, and a story that is truly engaging on multiple levels. Anyone who enjoys historical fiction is bound to enjoy this adventure filled romp through r...

The Star of Versailles is full of adventure and toe curling romance... The authors did a great job of building tension.

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