Tuesday Morrigan

Tuesday Morrigan began her love affair with romance at an early age. As a child she was always infatuated with the novels she snuck from her mother. Later, in high school, the public library became her sanctuary with an endless array of romance novels. Tuesday is still an avid reader of books. Thanks to shows like Buffy, Angel, and her latest infatuation, Supernatural, Tuesday prefers her stories to have a little more grit. Her favourite genres have always been fantasy, mystery, romance and erotica, so as a writer, she tries to blend the genres to create her own personal niche.

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Tuesday Morrigan - Interview for A Vampire for Christmas

Why do you like your stories to have a bit more grit?


Life is gritty. It's hard, it's dark, but I'm a generally very positive person so as many issues as I give my characters, I love to have them overcome those obstacles. Hardship builds character and strength and I love finding out the depths of my characters. I bounce in my seat writing those scenes.



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