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Lillian Francis - Guys Like Romance Too feature

Despite garnering a mention in the mini blurb for When Love Flue In, nobody eats any turkey in this Christmas novella. In fact, although a variety of seasonal delights are mentioned, hardly any are consumed. However, our heroes do manage to bond over a mince pie or two.

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Lillian Francis - Female First feature

To which I am referring to the title of a book. Although, the same could apply to character names, but that is a post for another day.
I have a love hate relationship with titles, and I think most authors would agree. Some come to you as an extension of the story, while others need to be dragged kicking and screaming into the world. Once in a while a manuscript remains obstinately nameless right up until the moment of submission. One of my beta readers had the honour of naming my last short story since my mind blanked every time I tried to come up with something. A cracking title it was too. Simple, perfect, and blatantly obvious with hindsight.

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Reviews (10)

Holy jingle balls, talk about some well written sexual tension. That's is one of the sweetest/hottest first time scenes that I've read and it was perfect for these two. It made me gooey inside...
A true Christmas fairy tale. Reagan and Dominic are as sweet as Christmas fruit pies. Dominic's first time is funny, romantic, threaded with caring and so wonderfully hot. You have to rea...
When the two men come together they are gentle and careful at first, but the underlying passion comes through loud and clear. If you like books with lots of fantasizing before the main characters m...

This was a great story, I liked the chemistry between the two characters, the fact that neither of them were certain if the other one was attracted the way they...

This story is all about the encounter between Dominic and Reagan. I like to think that we are given hope for a happily ever after. This enjoyable, quick read has been well written. 

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