Cari Z

Cari Z is a Colorado girl who loves snow and sunshine. She is back in America, finally, and loves it, despite having to relearn how to use a clutch. Writing consumes the free time that isn't spent on a mat or playing with her husband, or both (wonderful when interests coincide like that), and she hopes you enjoy what she writes as much as she enjoys writing it.

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Reviews (10)

Very well told story for the length. Good character development & pacing. I loved Dan! So sweet & vulnerable because of his status as a loner and because of his feelings for Blythe. I was glad t...

This was a fun story for me...I loved the twists and turns...Overall, this was a quick but enticing read for me that I really enjoyed. I would recommend it.

Really enjoyed the slow build towards love and the character development. Good read

For a short book it’s packed with action and romance, from the first pages where Rafael works for the dastardly Daeva, a proper bad guy, to the end. And because of this I was worried that the ...

Cari Z is a new to me author……and I can’t explain why. How have I missed this?! I feel like I live under a rock right now. I feel betrayed by my reader friends. Why has no one recommended ...

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