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Gin & Jazz Series

Morticia Knight

Books 1-4

The 1920’s are filled with gin, jazz, and the promise of easy money. When the young and innocent Jack heads to Hollywood with his best friend and lover – he believes that everything will be magical for them. They just need to stick together, no matter what.

The celluloid kingdom demands a hefty price from all who want a piece of the dream. Sacrifices must be made if you want to be a part of the glitz and glamour. Flappers, screen idols and the men behind the star-making machine all conspire to interfere with Jack’s happiness. Along the way, many of Hollywood’s players discover that unfortunately, sometimes dreams do come true.

Books 5-8

Hollywood continues to roar in the 1920’s as the men from Gin & Jazz search for love and meaning in the town of broken dreams. A studio chief wishes for a man to dominate, one that he doesn’t believe exists. A director can’t see the actor in front of him who was meant to be his. A fallen screen idol is lost in his own despair until a new playwright shows him the way to true happiness.

These are the men who struggle and work hard to make their mark upon the silver screen. The one thing they all have in common is the need to be loved, and the hope that someday love will find them.

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