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The Vanderguard Vampires Serial

The Vanderguard Vampire Trilogy charts the lives of vampire prince Thomas Vanderguard, and his lover, Daniel Alexander, as they navigate the precarious road of a new relationship while facing jealousy, revenge, betrayal and death.


As the queen’s eldest son, Thomas has always known he will ascend to the throne when his mother dies, but an age-old feud with a rival family means that Thomas has been an un-pampered prince. As head of the Tutelaries, the royal guards, Thomas has spent his life fighting Drones―soulless vampires created to destroy the Vanderguard royal lineage. Thomas has lost countless people he loves to the Drones’ sword blades, but now that he’s finally found love again, Thomas will do whatever it takes to ensure Daniel’s safety―even at the cost of his own life.

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