Valentine's Day Blues

J.P. Bowie

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  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

Bryan Colby, traumatized in the past by a practical joke, hates Valentine's Day – until circumstances bring him into contact with police officer Ben Collins. Suffering from a head injury, Bryan babbles his instant attraction, much to Ben's embarrassment. Ben is generally in the closet at work, and given the supposed inherent superficiality of gay "relationships”, Ben doesn't promptly react – but is certainly affected positively by the handsome Bryan's come-on.


Mr. Bowie, demonstrating his prolific talent, took me on a quick trip from their meeting to some beautifully described sexual intimacy.  What's more, as a successful author, his characters employ such lovely verbal tones – somewhere between sarcasm and innate wit. For the gay reader, it is like hearing one's native language. Example:  "Don't worry.  I won't push him into anything he doesn't want."   "You'll just make sure he's gonna want it.  Right?"  "Something like that, yeah."


Clever gay dialog is surely a "plus" while reading this novella.  Example, inquiring of someone's Southern California origins, "So, are you a native Santa Barbarian . . .?"


Enjoyed the plot, loved the sex.  So will you!  Erotic writing is usually wishful at best, though certainly unrealistic.  It sets unattainable sexual/romantic standards. But, so what?  Isn't that what we get from our religious or philosophical "End-of-Time" tomes?  And one needn't eliminate lustful thoughts to attain the HEA.

  Review by Love Bytes Reviews

This sweet little novella is the first in a series of novellas dedicated to the wretched not-really-a-holiday holiday known as Valentine’s Day. This story gives us Bryan who hates V-Day with the fire of a thousand suns thanks to a prank his sister and friend pulled in him when they were all in college. Flash forward about a decade and he’s still in his I-loathe-this-infernal not-really-a-holiday holiday feels. An unfortunate event for Bryan lands a hot cop named Ben right in Bryan’s lap, figuratively speaking, of course. review posted at:

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