An Actor's Guide to Romance

Eleanor Harkstead & Catherine Curzon

Customer & Industry Reviews of An Actor's Guide to Romance

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  Review by Heather York

An Actor's Guide to Romance is a lovely short story that is fun, lustful, humorous, and just plain entertaining. Both Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead are new authors to me and Actor's Guide makes for a wonderful introduction. Could this story have been better if we got to know more about Adam and Thomas? Perhaps, but sometimes as in life a simple night of reflection and exploration can reveal more than an in depth look at their journeys. Its been my reading experience that although it may not be unusual to explore such sexual tension or humor in the pages of a short story, it is not easy to make both this believable at the same time. The authors blend the two tropes beautifully and I will definitely be keeping my eye out for future efforts from these two ladies. Who knows maybe if we ask kindly enough we'll get to see more of Adam and Thomas down the road.

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