A Pint Light

Devon Rhodes

Customer & Industry Reviews of A Pint Light

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  Review by Dark Diva Reviews

A fun and light-hearted story, Devon Rhodes' A Pint Light was a real treat to read...I hope that there's a LOT more to come from the mind and wonderful creative imagination of Devon Rhodes... Soon please, I'm a little puckish. *grin*

  Review by Prism Book Alliance

This story was a great start to what looks to be a fun series. Raine and Val were great together and I loved their humorously sarcastic and sassy banter. This story was short but it was full of good stuff. The world building was not too heavy handed, it was just enough to pique my interest and leave me wanting to know more. There was a lot of backstory and set-up, but it was done in the context of the current action, so it was seamless and not an info dump. This was very much an insta-love because it was designed as fated mates. It worked and I liked it. The men were HOT together yet funny and lighthearted. 

  Review by Rainbow Reviews

I loved the story, loved the world, loved the feelings between the characters, and I'll look for more from this writer. In a longer format, please!

  Review by Blackraven Reviews

Short and sweaty. That's about what this little book amounts to. Not complaining about that at all. Ms. Rhodes has created very enticing characters for this story.

  Review by Night Owl Romance Reviews

4.5 out of 5! Rhodes adds in just the right amount of hot n' steamy sex to get your mind racing and gets your imagination hopping and reels you into the story. This is a fantastic read.

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