Between Heaven & Hell

L.M. Brown

Customer & Industry Reviews of Between Heaven & Hell

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  Review by Literary Nymphs Reviews

The fascinating plot is a sizzling romance intermingled with mystery, deception and a touch of amusing interaction between Alastor and Mac, who are both competing for Tristan’s affection. The trial ménage relationship is a first for all three of them. This is a creative as well as an incredibly enjoyable good versus evil skirmish. 

  Review by MM Good Book Reviews

This is one hell of a story that has twists that you never see coming. The feelings of love between the three are good. I will recommend this to those who love Angel’s and Demon’s, fantasy, twists and surprises, really hot sex, love, jealousy, temptation and an ending that lets you know there is more to come.

  Review by Prism Book Alliance

There are twists and turns all over the place but all the while these men are falling further and further in love with each other. This is really a HFN ending with a rather large cliff hanger and I am looking forward to book two with baited breath!

  Review by The Jeep Diva

I have to say I just loved everything about this extremely sexy read. This is one hot book. The relationship is not all happy and smooth. All the men have thoughts of being the third wheel and thoughts of jealousy over one or the other seem a constant in the back of ones thoughts. The sex is mind blowing and they know the rest will work itself out… eventually. 
If you’re looking for an erotic paranormal gay romance go grab this one. It is a great read and you’ll love these three men and their rocky road to a happily ever after!

  Review by Love Bytes

This book brought 3 men together and let them deal with the jealousies and uncertainty that comes with being in a triad.  I love the fact that this book is between a demon, angel and human. I liked that these guys all struggled with jealousy.  It showed that they each MC wanted to mean as much to the others as they did for them.  It was really great to see that these guys each had a chance to grow and learn.  

Now, I’ll let you know that there was a fair amount of sex in this book. I will say that it never felt gratuitous.  The intimate scenes showed that not only were these guys attracted to each other, but that they loved each other.  Now, it wasn’t only sex that bound them, there were true emotions involved. They showed that throughout the entire story.

I liked that the book ended on a cliffhanger.  I was really taken in with these characters and I want their lives to be amazing together. They are going to have to work for their HEA.  However, I’ll be along for the ride.  I’m truly invested in them and will ride out their journey and see what happens.

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

This was a very good book. I liked these guys and I'm looking forward to their next book.

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