Handle With Care

Willa Okati

Customer & Industry Reviews of Handle With Care

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  Review by Joyfully Jay

I really like the world Okati has built around humans having mates. The author continues to expand on the world, bringing in new elements, but it works well with what’s come before.Another thing I really liked was the addition of the side characters.  As this is a pretty short novella, there’s not a lot of extra secondary characters.  But those that we see, we’ve seen before in previous books.  And though it’s not acknowledged as to who they are in relation to previous stories, I liked seeing them again and having that moment where I remember them from before.  It definitely adds to the overall feeling of the series being all tied together.

I really like this series, and Handle With Care is a great next installment.  I can’t wait to see what the author has in store next.

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

What I enjoyed most about this story was the emotion which was so brilliantly portrayed in this short, but lovely book. The intensity between Jesse and Daniel swept me away with emotion. I could feel their angst, disappointment, fear, and passion just as if I were there with them. I could feel the incredible bond between them and was easily convinced that they are truly soulmates and that they belong together; their hearts would only be happy if they were with each other. I recommend this story to those who are already fans of the 'Soulmarked' series and to those new to the stories, especially if you like tales of struggle, survival, angst, redemption, and, most importantly, the healing power of love. 

  Review by MM Good Book Reviews

Intense, emotional, and very dramatic story of two soul mates that come together after years of waiting. Wonderfully written story with some hot sex between Jesse and Daniel. Great read.

  Review by Prism Book Alliance

I liked the overall story, and though sad at times as you feel for Jesse and Daniel’s plight, it isn’t a heavy read. A lot of push and pull as they navigate their reconnection left me feeling a little frustrated and yet everything seemed to happen too fast. I wanted more to the story and while the end is HFN, I wanted to see them work things out more. However, I liked these two as a pair.

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