Yes, Forever: Part Two

Bailey Bradford

Customer & Industry Reviews of Yes, Forever: Part Two

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  Review by Customer

So after waiting for Part 2 to be released, there were many ideas that went through my head, (yes I almost sound like the writer here!) as to what I was hoping Bailey would have John would do next. But I have to say, I was soooooo excited when I was finally able to read the second part of the series! One thing I really enjoyed about this part of the series is we got to know a little more about John's family. It was nice to get to "meet" them and actually learn about them. They aren't just the family that's in the background anymore. The confusion that John is feeling with Benji is so lifelike, because even while reading, it was almost like it was happening to someone you know. As funny as it sounds, I am glad that Bailey had John go on the date with the older man, because it helped teach John about his feelings. All in all, once again I can't wait to see what Bailey has in store for John in the next installment!

  Review by The Romance Reviews

Once again Bailey Bradford has made the lives these characters live real. The ups, the downs, or am I having a relapse? I can't wait to read part three and watch the story evolve some more.

  Review by Whitney

There is still nothing but confusion. Can't wait for the next installment.

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