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  Review by Crystal's Many Reviewers

After what Harley endured at Joshua’s hands, there was no way he would have accepted an aggressive shifter for a partner let alone as a mate. And while they didn’t wait long before getting sexual – and good grief was the alley scene HOT (only in books is making out in an alley sexy) – they did take it slow (by shifter standards) and got to know and trust one another better before they fully consummated their relationship. I enjoyed watching them connect emotionally and building the level of trust needed for a non-shifter relationship. It also made for some hot foreplay and sex scenes.

  Review by The Jeep Diva

This fast paced and smooth flowing plot keeps readers hovering on the edge of anticipation with lots of suspense, drama and passion. The author brings the story to life with well written and well orchestrated scenes that capture the imagination and draw the reader deeper into the story.  The charming characters captivate the reader from the very beginning and ensure that they want to know more.

This story is enjoyable and entertaining with some surprises and it introduces some new characters both friend and foe.   I think Harley and Val just might be my new favorites of the shifters although I do wonder if Harley will ever agree to be turned into a shifter.

  Review by merri

Love love love this book. I am so happy it was written as it felt like Harleys' story wasn't told yet and there was totally more to him then we first tought. Thank you Ms Bradford for yet another awesome story!

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

As with the other books in this series, I loved the many twists and turns, the continuing larger story about the shifters' power games, and the secondary characters from previous books returning for an update" or two. If you like shifter stories and co

  Review by Literary Nymphs

Ms. Bradford has a winner with this newest book and I can honestly say Reverence is now my series favorite. It's well-written, the personalities of Harley and Val are nicely developed, the descriptions are vivid and the plot flows smoothly...I loo

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