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  Review by Dark Diva Reviews

a wonderfully crafted story of three people falling in love...a touching love story that pushes the boundaries and shows how strong communication and trust make a relationship...

  Review by Customer

Someone said that this story was about 'sex, sex and more sex'. But I found there was so much more to this story. There was a beginning, a pardon the expression - climax - and an ending, despite the novella being fairly short. Yes, there is a lot of sex, but it's not the typical stuff so common in most stories. This sex scintillates, stimulates and yes - actually surprises you! By the time the reader reaches the climax (please pardon again the double entendre) he or she will be rewarded by the jaw-dropping revelation that something never before thought possible could actually be done during sex. (At least I didn't think it could be done and I've been reading m/m romance for a long time.) There are also extremely attractive, loveable characters, beautifully drawn and realized to keep the reader more than interested. I really cared about these three people. The writer describes beautifully each character's needs and what he gets out of this most unusual but satisfying relationship. And there was drama - lots of it, and suspense too, to keep the story rolling nicely along. It was a real page turner, an exciting and revealing story that I thought was brilliant. I found it very different and on its level, complete genius.

  Review by Miz Love Loves Books

A wonderful tale where a man jumps in with both feet and enjoys what could be a one-night affair with no regrets and no expectations...He's an exceptional man, and the maturity in him is wonderfully explored. You can see from the way he acts he&ap

  Review by MM Good Book Reviews

This has got to be the most erotic MMM m�nage I have ever exquisitely written erotic romance...

  Review by Queer Magazine Online

an interesting look at a committed couple adding a third man to their (sex) lives. The issues all three of the have are very real, not glossed over and make for an interesting psychological study � never mind some extremely hot sex...

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