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Sean Michael - Because Two Men are Better than One featured author

We are excited about the launch of Pride Publishing and to help celebrate their launch, will be introducing you to some of their fabulous authors each week. 

Sean Michael - ARe series feature for Beer and Clay

When I began writing Damon and Toby’s story, it was in response to a short story call. The publisher was looking for 3000 – 5000 words. It very quickly became very apparent that Damon and Toby were going to be far more than a one-off short story.

Sean Michael - Divine Magazine featured author

What would people be most surprised to know about you?

Well, I would say that I’m a competition reality tv show junkie, but I’ve already outed myself on that front, so I’m going to go with that I’m actually quite shy.

Sean Michael - Blog tour stop with Sinfully Sexy Reviews

Sure, Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday, but as an erotic romance writer, I can’t help but want to embrace the day that’s dedicated to love. Because Love Matters so it should have a day dedicated to it. (It should have every day dedicated to it!)

Sean Michael - Rainbow Book Reviews featured author

Let's start with you telling us a little bit about yourself, Sean.
I love snow, winter, and the quiet. I don’t do well in crowds, but I love to people watch. I have all these people living in my brain and without them I don’t know if I’d be a writer.

Sean Michael - Exclusive Author feature

Love Matters takes place ten years after Size Matters. Do you enjoy writing about relationships which stand the test of time?

I definitely do. Happily Ever After is important to me and to be able to explore that and share it over years and years is very cool. It takes work, though, you don’t just fall in love with someone and actually live happily ever after without putting in the work and I enjoyed being able to show Trey and Lucien doing exactly that.

Love Matters Trailer

Sean Michael - USA Today feature

My three favorite reality shows:

Survivor. This is where I confess to my guilty pleasure — I'm a closet reality show fan. I totally blameSurvivor, the granddaddy of them all, and still my top favorite. I love watching the interpersonal dynamics, the way people can complain bitterly about the way another contestant is playing the game, even while doing the exact same thing themselves. It's crack, I tell you! But less expensive and not illegal.

Sean Michael - ARe Top 10 bestselling author of 2014

Sean Michael has been announced as one of ARe's Top 10 Bestselling authors of 2014.

Sean Michael - Cara Sutra Author Spotlight

This week’s erotic author in the spotlight is Sean Michael. Sean writes just about the hottest gay erotic fiction you could ever hope to find, and is published by Totally Bound. Just check out the free excerpts from his books in his spotlight below if you don’t believe me. 

Sean Michael - BTSe Mag feature

Call me crazy, but I have lots of voices in my head, and I listen to them. In fact, if I don’t pay attention to them and let them dictate my writing, I have a much harder time of it. I learned not to fight the voices, even if they aren’t taking me where I’m expecting or wanting them to. Sometimes this leads to putting a story for a specific submission call aside and starting something new with different characters, but if that’s what has to be done, then that’s what has to be done.

Sean Michael - Exclusive Author Interview

Why did you decide on the title, Bruised?

Because that was the entire thrust of the book for me. Billy is based on a man I saw briefly and I thought, wouldn't he bruise beautifully? This was one of those titles that came fairly easily to me (and that happens rarely enough that I really appreciate it).

Sean Michael - ARe feature

Opposites Attract – that’s what they say, isn’t it?

In one respect, it seems counterintuitive – if you’re opposites, what do you have in common? What is there to keep the relationship going after the initial heat and fire have banked down some?

What's his Passion Box Set Trailer

Size Matters Book Trailer

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