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Talia Carmichael - Because Two Men are Better than One feature

We are excited about the launch of Pride Publishing and to help celebrate their launch, will be introducing you to some of their fabulous authors each week. 

Talia Carmichael - Guys Like Romance Too feature

Love is an all encompassing emotion that overcomes you whether you are ready for it or not. Just ask my heroes in my latest release Wicked Defense.

Talia Carmichael - LR Café Best of 2014 Awards Nominee

Wicked Pursuit has been nominated for Best Contemporary Book!

Talia Carmichael - MM Romance Goodreads Reader's Choice Awards Nominee 2014

Wicked Defense has been nominated for Best Mystery/Whodunit. The Bonds of Justice series has also been nominated for Favourite All-Time M/M series.

Talia Carmichael - Blog Tour stop with LAS reviews

Creating a character’s personality takes getting to know them very intimately. I have to dig deep within them and know them as well as I know myself. To do this I think beyond what is happening during their story. I go back to what shaped them and made them who they are. I create many parts of their personality and bring it to the page. Each character I create stays with me. Each of the characters have aspects of my own personality.

Talia Carmichael - Author Spotlight for Best Laid Intentions

Why did you choose to set the Impressions series in the fictional town of Hollisville? 

I just knew when I was writing the book I wanted to create a place I could build myself.  So I decided to do just that. Most of my series I write are in towns I created. I love building communities and layers of a world that becomes part of the story.

Talia Carmichael - USA Today feature

Three books on my keeper shelves:

• J.D. Robb series (all of the books). This is one of my go-to series. All the books, no matter how many times I read them, capture me from the first page to the last. The world that's built for the series is vivid and adds to the story. The cast of characters adds dimensions to the story. The main characters Eve andRoarke keep getting better and better with each book.

Talia Carmichael - Blog Tour Stop with MM Good Book Reviews

I’ve been a banker, lawyer, professor, cop, student, bike designer, physicist, chef, horse breeder, a cowboy, computer geek and anything you can think of. It’s not that I can’t decide what I want to be. All these jobs are due to my one true love and profession.

Talia Carmichael - Female First feature

When I write I need to get into the mind of my characters and because of this I get to be any profession I want. I wear what I like to call my Versatile Profession hat. This lets me be anything from a banker, lawyer, professor, cop, student, bike designer, physicist, chef, horse breeder, a cowboy, computer geek and anything you can think of. I love being a writer. I get to explore such interesting things.

Talia Carmichael - Exclusive Author feature

Where did the idea for the Bonds of Justice series come from?

The series came from something I experienced (as usual). I have family and friends who work in professions where they protect others. When I was visiting one of my family at their job one day, we were heading out to lunch when they got a call. I only heard their side of things so I don't know all the details of what happened and it was also sensitive so they couldn't share. But I saw that it affected them deeply. We went to lunch and I got curious about how you separate personal and professional feelings. I asked and this led to a discussion that got me even more curious—is that how all those I know feel? 

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